Vlad- Toy Poodle Stud Dog

Registered Name: 
Gently Born Yuchi Aoki

Date of Birth: 
April 10, 2019

AKC #: 

Health Information

Hips: OFA “Good”

Eyes: CERF/OFA Cleared (PO-EYE6152/12M-VPI)

Patella: OFA Normal (PO-PA5812/12M/P-VPI)

Heart: OFA Normal (PO-CA5517/12M/P-VPI)

Country of Origin: Russia

Weight: 6.75 lbs

Height: 9 inches

About Vlad

Vlad is one of the best toy poodle stud dogs we have ever seen being used to produced mini-Bernedoodles. He was imported in from Russia with generations of health clearances and show champions. He has all of his recommended clearances and scored extremely high in every clearance. He is a super sweet and loving parti- poodle. He’s not hyper or yappy. He’s very loving and sensitive. He’s not aggressive or dominant. He’s a near perfect poodle and mixing him with a Bernese we believe will make the world’s best mini-Bernedoodles. He is a very small toy poodle at only 6 lbs and can only be used with artificial insemination to produce as small of Bernedoodles as possible. He is much smaller than his pictures make him look. He is only 9 inches tall!

Vlad’s Pedigree

Pictures of Vlad

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  • Vlad1
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