The Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog- a strong, affectionate Swiss dog breed

The Bernese Mountain Dog is one of four variations of the Swiss Mountain Dog family, and originated in Berne, Switzerland. They are a large but sturdy breed, extremely intelligent, and very strong in nature. The Bernese Mountain Dog is a wonderful family pet as they are very gentle despite their size, and are affectionate dogs that get along with everyone.

We love the Bernese Mountain Dog because they loyal, very eager to accept training, and they are just downright beautiful in every way. And we believe they make the perfect family companion.

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History Of The Bernese Mountain Dog

  • Originating in the Swiss canton of Berne, Switzerland, the Bernese Mountain Dog was known as a heavy worker dog, utilized for such work as herding cattle and protecting the farms they were a part of. They were also known for their great strength and being able to pull many times their own weight.
  • The oldest ancestors of the breed were actually brought into Switzerland more than 2,000 years ago by Roman soldiers who were invading the land.
  • In 1907, Albert Heim formed a Swiss breed club that helped the Bernese to become a more widespread household breed. This was a positive move for the breed after their numbers had dropped in previous years.
  • The Bernese Mountain Dog came to the United States around 1926 when a Kansas farmer imported a pair of the breed for their farm work. The AKC registered their first Bernese Mountain Dog in 1937
  • The Bernese Mountain Dog is ranked as the 27th most popular pure-breed in the US.

Personality Of The Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is large in size, but has a wonderful loving demeanor. They are loyal and eager to please their owners, and often known to be very dependent. They are very smart and inquisitive into the actions of their owners.

The Bernese is a sensitive breed, and can sometimes become emotionally hurt if their owners are too harsh. On the flip side, they are very easy to train and love to spend time with their owner, doing everything they can to show their affection.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is easy going around people, and make great pets for families with children as a result. They are very comfortable indoors, but love to go outside and exercise, which is essential for this breed due to their stocky nature.

Coloration Of The Bernese Mountain Dog

There are 5 recognized color combinations for the Bernese Mountain Dog, with two standard color combinations:

  1. Black, Rust and White (Standard)
  2. Black, Tan and White (Standard)
  3. Black and Rust
  4. Black and White
  5. Rust and White

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