For Sale! 1st Pick Boy or 3rd Pick Girl Bernedoodle Pup w/ Mishal & Shiloh

For Sale!

1st Pick Boy or 3rd Pick Girl with training in our Puppy Training Institute

If interested read through this entire page (including prices) and fill out Puppy Application

We are very excited to introduce a wonderful tri-color standard Bernedoodle litter due between Mishal & Shiloh around July 13, 2020. This is the best tri-color Bernedoodle litter Recherche Bernes has produced. Shiloh is an incredible phantom poodle with generations of health clearances and show championships. He has over double the health clearances requested by the Poodle Club of America. He is a very small standard poodle weighing in at only 47 lbs. He’s phantom and has produced ONLY tri-color Bernedoodles in the past. Some of his pups have a lot of white and some have a little. All have brown, black and at least some white. What makes this litter What makes this the best litter is Mishal. Mishal is arguably the best looking Bernese we own. She has incredible health clearances, was imported from Europe and has an incredible personality. I can’t think of a better combination to produce tri-color Bernedoodles.

We just bred the parents so as of May 25, 2020, we have the 1st pick boy and 3rd pick girl available. We wait till the pups are 6 weeks of age and provide each client with a detailed personality assessment, professional pictures and a video with all the pups together so the client can make their best decision possible. A visit is also possible. Waiting till they are 6 weeks of age is a big advantage to the early picks because by that age we will be able to know their normal and natural personality. Our best guess is that the girls will get 45-60 lbs and the boys will get 55-85 lbs full grown. Each pup comes with a very realistic 4-year health warranty.

They able to go home after:

  1. Puppy Academy (training till 12 weeks of age) – October 5, 2020 OR
  2. Canine College (training till 16 weeks of age) – November 2, 2020 OR
  3. Master’s Program (training till 20 weeks of age)  – November 30, 2020 OR
  4. Doggy Doctorate (training till 6 Months of age) – January 13, 2021

Please visit our Puppy Training Institute page to learn and watch about every training level we offer in detail. We work on 4 core areas in our training….House Training (potty training, chew training, jump training, etc…), Outside Training (leash training, car training, thunderstorm training), Socialization Training (stranger trained, child trained, dog/cat trained, etc…) & Obedience Training (sit, stay, lay, come, place, etc…). It is a very extensive program that requires a staff of professional trainers and first-class facilities. Below is a video showing our facilities and explaining our program.

Our puppies receive full training in our Training programs

Every puppy from Recherche Bernes receives between 250 and 850 hours of professional puppy training through our Puppy Training Institute.

Puppy Pricing

Puppy Academy- training till 12 Weeks of age (250 hours of training): $17,900

Canine College- training till 16 Weeks of age (350 hours of training): $20,900

Master’s Program- training till 20 Weeks of age (450 hours of training): $22,900

Doggy Doctorate- training till 6 Months of age (600 hours of training): $25,900

All Pictures Below Are of Bernedoodles from Shiloh we have Produced

If interested read through this entire page (including prices) and fill out Puppy Application

All pictures below are the parents



If interested read through this entire page (including prices) and fill out Puppy Application